Organizational Consulting

With a foundation in administrative science, certification in Leader Effectiveness Training by Thomas Gordon, the influence of Drucker’s Management by Objectives, and our participation in the International Positive Psychology Association, the founders of the Positivity Academy have developed material for Organizational Consultants and Inhouse facilitators.

Leadership By Objectives Organizational Development System

Leadership By Objectives (LBO) is a process of organizational renewal that uses the collective wisdom of the organization and creates measurable, productive outcomes. The process begins with discovering individual strengths through assessments to open the space for potential to emerge. Contemplation and participative planning then leads to greater engagement and committed action. Ultimately, recognition of accomplishment builds momentum and accelerates future progress.


The value of the Assessment phase is to identify/clarify the assets of the company and to establish a baseline for measuring progress. This process takes place on both the organizational and individual levels. Organizational assessment involves articulation of mission or purpose, assets, competencies, core values, opportunities, etc. Individual assessment involves online questionnaires to identify underdeveloped talents, personality traits (both usual traits and traits that emerge when under pressure), interests, and values. This is where the seeds of contemplation are planted.

Contemplation and Dialog

The outcome/intention/goal of this process is to strengthen the company IQ and critical thinking skills. This step in the process also occurs individually and collectively. All members of the organization become fluent in articulating organizational strengths and all people who manage others become fluent in describing the strengths of their reports. By thinking in terms of strengths and mission, participants see new and better ways to work together. This is where the seeds of participative planning are planted.

Participative Planning

In this part of the process, the emphasis is on listening as a tool for leveraging existing talent. In recruitment and hiring, the concern is about getting the right people on the bus. LBO is more about getting the people who are on the bus into the right seats. We combine thinking outside the box with thinking inside the box in an attempt to arrive at the most effective decisions to accomplish the mission of the organization. By including front-line employees in discussions, they gain a sense of ownership, and this is where the seeds of commitment are planted.


In this aspect of the process, participants write their own stretch objectives, and learn how to seek support from management. Again, the process operates on two fronts. People who supervise others learn effective leadership skills. Commitment plants the seeds of accomplishment.

Accomplishment and Acknowledgement

An essential component of LBO is recognition and acknowledgement of even small successes. Momentum builds as the organization effectively fulfills its purpose.

Leadership by Objectives draws upon the strengths, experiences, and motives of workers to generate greater engagement with their corporate missions. The Leadership by Objectives Series consists of the following publications (available from the Positivity Academy):

Organizational Leadership is about generating loyalty to the corporate mission and building subordinate engagement.

Career Empowerment is about assessing one’s unique strengths and communicating effectively to superiors (managing up).

Team Leadership is a supervision and group dynamics manual for leaders and managers who work with groups and teams. It is a textbook for supervisory effectiveness training.

Mastermind Group Facilitator Guide is about how to structure a mutually supportive group to try out ideas and get constructive feedback from each other.

LBO In-House Facilitator Support

Organizations using the Leadership by Objectives publications are encouraged to designate one of their employees to facilitate the Leadership by Objectives program. The Positivity Academy provides telephone and email-based facilitator training. This service is arranged during the planning for Leadership By Objectives.

Leadership By Objectives (LBO) Consulting Services

Positivity Academy graduates are trained to work with organizations to introduce the LBO approach, answer questions, and assist leaders and participants. Typically, a Positivity Consultant would be available for the first day to introduce the program, conduct an orientation and distribute materials. Follow-up sessions are optional. The materials lend themselves to a two- or three-day retreat. Consultants are available by telephone to assist with issues that come up during implementation of the program.

Organizations wishing to utilize Leadership by Objectives consulting services can email indicating your interest and a representative will call you directly to discuss the details.