For someone who has been seeking help for quite a while, for me Don Morgan has been the light at the end of my tunnel. Don Morgan is a sensible and easy going guy who immediately earns your trust through the comfort of his non-judgmental demeanor. The insight, advice, and guidance he is able to provide you with is exceptional. I am so thankful I was able to meet and work with this incredible man. He has truly changed my life in the best way.

– K. B. – Pennsylvania

I’ve been watching the birth of Dr Morgan’s Positivity Academy. He is a visionary. The Academy offers concrete steps to achieving ones vision. I am excited, not only to work with him again, but to offer his modules in the Positivity Academy to my clients, friends and family.

– K. C. – Idaho

After the pleasure of meeting Don and discovering his heartfelt friendship, I was also fortunate to have had access to his work. His ability as a positivity coach and writer far exceeds my interpretation of what a coach should represent. His life experiences and dedication to helping others lends itself to his education and career. I highly recommend anyone to utilize his services to experience exponential growth within their own lives. His teachings relative to the power of positivity will provide you with life-changing experiences.

– Peggy Caruso, Entrepreneur, Author, Executive and Personal Development Coach – Pennsylvania

Dr. Morgan has a rare gift, of employing relationship to guide his student to achieve change beyond what she is initially able to imagine. He has it right from the beginning: when you enter the mentoring relationship, his first question is, Who do you want to be?

– Elizabeth Leverton – Columbia, SC

I am very thankful for your continued encouragement whenever I share with you our personal problems. I thank you for the constant support and positive feedback that helps keep me in the game. I pray that you never change and continue to allow everyone you come in contact with to share in your pool of emotional fortitude.

– Doug D. – California

Don Morgan is an excellent coach. Over the past several years, Don has been my guide and coaching me in handling real life management issues with win-win strategy in a positive manner. I would unreservedly recommend Don as a coach and guide to anyone dealing with management issues or interpersonal relations issues.

– V. R. – New York

Don Morgan is the greatest coach I know. For many years he has offered intelligent, thoughtful, intuitive suggestions and insights into whatever situation I asked him about. His quirky sense of humor, life experiences, and higher education make him a delight to know and a wonderful resource for any situation.

– L.A.M. – Idaho

As a professional writer, I collaborated with Don on his Unalienable Pursuits positivity modules. Working with Don is a pleasure, as he is insightful, encouraging, and responsive. Don is truly passionate about helping people find fulfillment in life, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be involved in his vision.

– Alyssa Ochs – Illinois

I had a very long conversation with Don about his teaching model and also had time to review some of the content. I am quite perplexed about his vast knowledge and wide approach to this. I have never seen so many areas covered in one class and am excited to hear more. Besides his incredible knowledge I felt his personality is enriching and warm.

– Elke W. – Los Angeles, CA

I have known Don since my sophomore year in College. Since then, Don has been my most influential mentor for ALL things in my life. This includes business as well as personal. He has the ability to make the complex simple, understandable, as well as making everything seem doable. Whenever I need help in any area of life, his number is the one I dial. I would not be the person I am without his mentorship guidance and Friendship.

– Francisco P. – New York City

Dr. Don Morgan is an energetic and dedicated professional who has an incredible amount of resilience and tenacity. I have had the privilege of working with him and appreciate his skill, vision and passion around the focus of living life on a Positive track.

– K. P. – Denver, CO

Dr. Morgan is an effective positivity coach because his positivity is genuine. His warmth and kindness are palpable, any any person can benefit from working with him. I heard a quote by Robert Brault that reminded me of Don and his work, ‘Do not ask that your kids live up to your expectations. Let your kids be who they are, and your expectations will be in breathless pursuit.’

— Heather Sheafer, CA

Don Morgan is an excellent coach. We’ve found him to be caring, compassionate and a good listener. He has fine skills to help individuals discover the tools needed to flourish and discover meaning and purpose in their lives. Don Morgan is an ethical professional with strong values and work ethic.

C. J. Miller, Villa Park, CA